Rabi Bhawan, Kathmandu, 44614

08:30 - 03:30

Monday to Friday


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Goldsmith Hall

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Nisarga Batika Elementary School – Nisarga Batika | An Experiential Learning School

Nisarga Batika Elementary School

Special Features

  • Individualised education with a holistic approach
  • Classroom size of 24 students with child teacher ratio 8:1
  • Two co-teachers for each classroom, along with intensive integration of Social Studies with Nepali culture and Language.
  • Collaborative learning environment, self-learning and self-assessment opportunities for children
  • Cosy, comfortable classrooms equipped with teaching material, audio-visual equipment and ICT integration

Our Focus

Information processing skills: Children learn to read, write and discuss the text to identify what they do and do not understand.

Enquiry skills: Children learn to ask relevant questions, investigate and find solutions, opening new areas of enquiry.

Reasoning skills: Children are encouraged to give reasons for their opinions, use correct language to explain what they think and make judgements and decisions by reason/evidence.

Creative thinking skills: Gradually, students will learn to generate and play with ideas, apply imagination to their thinking, and look for alternative explanations and ideas.

Evaluation skills: An important part of the process of learning at this stage is for children to apply their own judgement, evaluate ideas and practice being self critical and self connecting.

Nisarga Enrichment Programme

The enrichment programme at Nisarga is aimed at giving students of Preschool and Level 1 as much exposure to extra-curricular activities as possible. Some areas include:

  • Music and movement
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Martial arts
  • Nature exploration
  • Swimming
  • Computer readiness
  • Introduction to foreign languages

Additional facilities and features

  • Comfortable buses with short routes and a school staff in every route
  • Wholesome meals with advice from nutrition experts
  • Pure and electrically treated water
  • Clean toilet facility
  • No school dress
  • Medical care with teachers trained on first-aid
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