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Nisarga Batika High School – Nisarga Batika | An Experiential Learning School

Nisarga Batika High School

Our Vision

Nisarga Batika School

  • provides an ideal environment for learners who wish to engage in education that is relevant, holistic and meaningful.
  • engages learners in real world experiences that propel them towards critical thinking, self-discovery and creativity.
  • inspires children, adults and the wider community to discover the joy of learning.

Individuals at Nisarga Batika School

  • understand and value self-motivated learning as a way of life.
  • are in the process of becoming their natural selves, with respect for self, others and the environment.
  • are encouraged to contemplate deeply on their actions, thoughts, emotions and their educational journey so that they can grow to be caring and competent members of society.

Philosophical Premises

Learners, in order to be globally competitive, need to develop core skills (digital age literacy, inventive thinking, effective communication, and high productivity), possess innate curiosity for ‘learning’ and be functionally literate.

The extended co-curricular school program is packaged for the preparation of students for career and for being competent members of the society. It is designed primarily to provide the transition from school to further learning.

Individualized plans according to the needs that  encourage practical life skills, which help children to adapt to the society through real world experiences. We promote a culture of vibrant and engaging learning environment in the schools.

Beyond-the-Curriculum program provides an experiential learning environment, which allows children to grow and learn freely. We inspire each child to become a life-long learner who will be able to bring about meaningful change in life.

Beyond The Curriculum: Education extends beyond academics

  • Students Exchange programme: collaborate with the school in France for a study abroad programme for interested students
  • Career/College counselling: advised from professional guidance counsellor on career and college
  • Shared talks with visiting faculties and experts: interactions and engagements with external faculties and experts.
  • Internship: short term interns’ engagement with institutions and organisations during academic breaks
  • Personal counselling: Individual and group counselling sessions for healthy emotional development of students
  • ECA activities: swimming, basketball, and futsal
  • Student-led community service: guided involvement in service of underprivileged communities
  • Conferences and simulations: simulated events of the United Nations, International Criminal Court, and the Nepali Parliament to deepen the understanding of the world
  • Fund raising: Theatre for a Cause (bi-annual theatre production) and Nisarga Ramailo (Fun Fair event)
  • Project Coffee Lounge: students led and managed coffee lounge for real life management skills development
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award:  an international non-formal education and learning framework operating around the world, recognizing young people’s achievements outside of academia
  • Student Clubs: foreign language classes, art and design, environment,
  • music, and many other  evolving interest areas
  • First-hand experiences: learn through first-hand experiences of the places and things related to the topics of study.
  • Individual project: learn the skills of research and prepare a report and present findings in a creative form.
  • Adventure course: focus on developing life skills related to physical strength, collaboration and problem solving.
  • Life skills workshops: Focus on self-awareness and empathy, decision making and problem solving, creative thinking and critical thinking, communication & interpersonal skills, and coping with emotions and stress


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Beyond the Curriculum: Theatre for a Cause

  • Theatre production organized by the students with guidance from the faculty
  • Students get involved in collaborative undertaking
  • Comprehend a drama/play and make alterations for enacting
  • Design costumes and props
  • Design and prepare brochures, ads and other promotional activities
  • Perform on stage and develop confidence for facing an audience
  • Design, print and sell tickets and utilize the fund raised for a humane cause

Beyond the Curriculum: Project Coffee Lounge

  • Management students take full responsibility of running a coffee lounge
  • Acquire finances for setting up the lounge
  • Allocate budget for different areas of the lounge
  • Assign duties and responsibilities among group members
  • Keep an inventory
  • Maintain a balance sheet of expenditure and income
  • Coordinate the cleaning of the lounge
  • Calculate profit or loss
  • Spend profit (if any) for a social cause

Nisarga Senior High Capstone Project

The Senior High Capstone Projects could vary based on the topic, the time, and resources available. The capstone project at the Nisarga Batika School looks to ensure that the students connect to the projects and it is well within the time and resources available to them. Starting from the days of the senior high school years, i.e., Grade 11, they need to complete it by end of their senior high school year. The students need to focus on completing and also demonstrating their knowledge, aptitudes, and effort by highlighting or solving a particular or set of issues. It is a process of taking individual initiative, demonstration of leadership and collaboration skills.

The Senior High Capstone Project at Nisaraga Batika looks to:

  • provide students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to specific problem-solving goals and beyond,
  • improve upon students’ research, writing, presentation, and public speaking skills through a focused and tangible individual or group effort,
  • allow students to demonstrate experience individual interest and passion for a major or a career of interest,
  • manage individual interest in working with new ideas, issues, people, groups, institutions, and the community at large,
  • stimulate students to creatively and critically address their interest and move towards academics, professional careers, or be sensitive towards issues, and
  • demonstrate their leadership and collaboration skills.


Expectations from the Seniors

Seniors at Nisarga Batika School get ample opportunities and –

  • need to be ready to collaborate, communicate, relate to each other, and solve their own problems outside of curricular work.
  • take initiative in self-learning activities from the experiential environment made available by the school
  • be fully involved in all the available school activities, both inside and outside of school
  • adopt positive attitude with empathy and respect towards self and others
  • cooperate with faculty members in all aspects of learning
  • exercise democracy (freedom with rules)
  • maintain school’s norms and code of conduct
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