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Nisarga Center For Educators – Nisarga Batika | An Experiential Learning School

Nisarga Center For Educators

Our Philosophy

The Nisarga Centre for Educators was established with the vision of bringing positive reforms in the education sector by transforming the way teachers perceive and practice their profession. Building on the concept of experiential learning, the Centre’s training programmes, workshops and consultations provide opportunities for teachers to experience learning first hand, thereby enabling them to understand the needs of their students better and create a more learning conducive environment within their classrooms.

Our Team

Our team includes professionals dedicated to the education sectors with vast experience and dedication.

Our Partners

  • Nisarga Batika School
  • The Excelsior School
  • Triyog Higher Secondary School
  • Pathshala Nepal Foundation
  • CanHelp Nepal
  • OLE Nepal
  • AVM H. Sec. School
  • RIBS
  • Phoenix School
  • Ace School
  • Sanskriti Int’l School
  • Kathmandu University High School
  • Shree Indrenee Vidya Mandir
  • Indrayani Primary School
  • Akshara School
  • Kathmandu Pragya Kunja School

Saksham Shikshak

The Saksham Shikshak programme is designed for teachers and educators who wish to get a comprehensive grasp of the progressive educational philosophy along with their respective subject matters within a short period of time.

Strengthening Schools

Monitoring and Assessment

For schools that want to deepen their understanding of education philosophy and strengthen their foundations in child-centred pedagogy, the centre offers tailor-made programmes over extended periods. Our facilitators spend a considerable amount of time in the school, observing classes and supporting teachers in building an experiential learning environment for their students.

Behaviour Management

The Behaviour and Classroom Management workshop equips teachers with the skills to handle different behavioural situations that may arise in a classroom—a major component of effective teaching. During sessions, participants will discuss and analyse various case studies and come up with strategies for giving students a positive and effective learning environment. The programme helps teachers become attentive to students’ social and emotional needs, which, unfulfilled, are the major causes of negative behaviour. Participants understand that creating an atmosphere of respect, care and understanding inculcating lasting values in students, helping them become strong, stable personalities.

Value Education

The workshop on Values Education allows teachers to reflect on the importance of incorporating values within their regular lessons and teaching-learning styles instead of teaching them in isolation. Participants are exposed to the idea of a values-based learning environment and are introduced to a number of techniques that help in its creation.

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